Meet Our Pastor

Keith Anson Albury

Pastor Keith A. Albury began his ministerial career in 2003. And for more than a decade, he served multiple congregations scattered throughout the South Bahamas Conference. In 2015 he accepted a call to Southeastern Conference to serve as pastor to the Port St Lucie and Macedonia Churches; and in 2016 he was reassigned to serve as pastor to the Ephesus Church in West Palm Beach, FL.

Ordained to the gospel ministry in 2011, Pastor Albury has demonstrated a special passion for evangelism.  He has conducted more than twenty-23 evangelistic campaigns, inclusive of efforts held in Jamaica, Canada, Guatemala, Columbia, United Kingdom, Dominican Republic, and The United States of America.  Collectively these campaigns resulted in more than eight hundred baptisms (800) into the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


While ministering in the South Bahamas Conference, Pastor Albury also served as Publishing and PARL Director (Public Affairs & Religious Liberty), Personal Ministries and Sabbath School Director, along with Vice-Chairperson for the South Bahamas Conference Camp Meeting Committee.  He was the recipient of the Centurion-Evangelist award for outstanding performance in evangelism during four consecutive years.  And in 2013, he was designated "Distinguished Centurion Evangelist" for becoming only the 3rd pastor in conference history to oversee the baptism of more than one hundred (100) souls in a single district and calendar year.  Beyond the fact that conversion is the doing of God alone, Pastor Albury credits his success to a foundational and biblical understanding of church growth—that responding to community needs creates opportunities for the gospel to be shared.


In fact, because of Pastor Albury’s passion in community building, he has spent almost an equal amount of time in community activities as within the "four walls of the church."  In the Bahamas, under his watch, several signature community programs evolved. And on account of such efforts, in July of 2013, he received national recognition in his homeland as being among the top 40 Bahamian Leaders of Change."  


Pastor Albury also believes that sustained community impact cannot be done without forging strategic partnerships. During his most recent pastorate, he facilitated several collaborative efforts with local non-profit entities and city agencies, adding awareness to the church’s mission and ministry offerings. Further, he oversaw the development of the Ephesus Resource Center, opened to the public in April of this year with the intention of offering specialized classes for seniors, feeding programs, academic tutoring, and skill-certification courses.


Pastor Albury is a product of Adventist education and believes in its value for the mission. During his pastoral administration, Ephesus Junior Academy made tremendous strides in shaping the hearts and minds of its students.  Partially owing to an increased church subsidy, the academy realized major gains in staff development, and improved student-teacher ratio, and increased enrollment from 79 students in 2016 to 102 students as of this past school year.


He was also a principal architect in the reclassification of Ephesus Junior Academy from a sole-church constituent school to a multi-church constituent school. And with the support of the Southeastern Conference, a new school system has been created, involving three campuses: Daughter of Zion Junior Academy; Bethel Junior Academy; and Ephesus Junior Academy. As of August 2019, all campuses will open as a division of the new Palm Beach Adventist Academy, with the collective financial support of more than eight area congregations in the Southeastern Conference.


Pastor Albury attended and completed studies at Oakwood College and Liberty University.  Currently, he pursues a Doctor of Ministry degree at South University.  He is married to Opal, a Social Worker by profession, and they are the proud parents of Kady (kay-dee) Annabelle, Zoe Lorin, and Kaleb Alfred Anderson.



Pastor Albury’s hobbies include traveling, reading, watching basketball and football, and engaging in stimulating dialogue on current events.  Over the span of his life, he has always been showered with love from family and friends, and as a result he has rarely suffered a dull moment.  He believes his social interactions are partially responsible for this boldness and unwavering optimism in conveying the trans-formative power of Jesus Christ.  Encouraged by the support of his wife, Pastor Albury remains poised for future exploits in service to both church and community.


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