Staff Directory.

Bible Worker

Peter Leonce

Adventurer Director


Adventist Youth Society

AYS Sponsor


Bereavement Committee Leader

Bulletin Items

Bulletin Items/Facilities Reservation

Children’s Ministry

Communications/Public Relations

Community Service Ministry

Daycare Board Chairperson

Daycare Director

Education Director

Event Planning

Facilities & Bldg. Management

Family Life

Golden Agers

Head Deacon

Head Deaconess

Head Usher

Health & Temperance

Home & School Leader

Hospitality Committee

Interest Coordinator/AYS Sponsor

Linden School Principal

Maintenance Task Force

Medical Emergency Response Team

Men’s Ministry

Music Coordinator

New Believers

Pathfinders Director

Personal Ministry

Personal Ministry Secretary

Prayer Coordinator

Religious Liberty

Risk Management & Security

Sabbath School Superintendent

School Board Chair



Women’s Ministry

Church Clerk

Claudette Sergeant  

  Tel: 718 554-0744

Sis. S. Stoute             

Bro. P. Pierre             

Sis. K. Swift    

Sis. J. Robertson            


Sis. A. Townsend           

Sis. C. Sergeant              

Sis. J. Ellis                          
Sis.  B. Hall           

Sis. J. Ellis                        

Sis. S. Miller           

Sis. M. John            

Sis. P. Brown            

Bro. D. Lauther          


Bro. J. Bacchus            


Sis. C. Bennett            

Bro. M. Ellis            

Sis. Bacchus             

Sis. V. Madden            

Sis. A. DeSouza            



Sis. B. Kydd             

Dr. L. Usher            

Bro. M. Spates             

Sis. A. DeSouza            

Bro. L. Ward             

Sis. J. Altino            

Chaplain C. Wilks           

Eld. A. Hall          

Bro. J. Wilson          


Eld. P. Leonce        


Bro. J. Scott            

Sis. S. Cadrot           


Sis. P. Cameron            

Bro. D. Burgess

Sis. D. Burrell

Church Admin. Assistant

Juliette Ellis

  Tel: 718 554-0744

(718) 525-0613

(347) 729-8185







































Sabbath School 10:00 am

Worship Services 12:00 am

New Believers 3 pm - 4 pm

Baptist Classes 3 pm - 4 pm

Hour of Power 7 pm


228 -20 137th Avenue

Laurelton NY 11413

office: 718-554-0744

ph: 833-268-1877

With God All Things Are Possible

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